Back to School: Etsy Finds & More Fab Patterns

Hello there! I can not believe today is the very last day of August! WHERE has the time went? School starts here in Northern New York in just a few short days and I know my three children are just bouncing around with excitement. I made an Etsy treasury this morning of some wonderful handmade backpacks. You should take a moment to see all the wonderful creations!! ~~ Peek HERE ~~

Onto some more FREE and fab patterns! Don’t forget to check out the previous Back to School posts I did which include:

I would also just like to plug-in, that I do not in form get compensated for mentioning particular shops, artists, ect. I love to create pattern lists because it makes it so much easier to locate exactly what you’re looking for. I just feel that’s important for my readers to know. 🙂

Today I am sharing a list of free patterns intended to be back to school gifts. We all love practical and useful, but a special handmade gift just adds to the excitement! Onto the good stuff!

Back to School Free Crochet Gift Patterns


Image (c)

Image (c)

Crochet Pocket Owl Pouch

Shell Wrist Warmers

Boxy Skirt Bunny

Image (c) Brett Bara

Image (c) Brett Bara

Stripey Snake

Iron Man Gauntlets

Luigi Doll by All About Ami

Giant Flower Ear Warmer Head Band by Creative Jewish Mom

Blooming Flower Pillow by Attic 24

With any hope you will find a pattern here to keep you yarning! Have a wonderful day friends.


Crochet Baby Bonnet Patterns & Projects

BabyBonnetPromoToday I created the prettiest newborn baby bonnet – my very FIRST baby bonnet. I have not had previous success in finding an “Amanda-Friendly” pattern until I found DoodleBopperz on Etsy. I have been aiming to create a variety of lovely props for parents and photographers that are affordable and quality. I recall reading an article interview on a blog some time back where the interviewer had asked photographers in particular what they were looking for when seeking out new props; the answer was simple – quality that didn’t break the budget. I am a lifestyle photographer ( Evermore Keepsakes | EMK Facebook ) and as I began my journey into children’s portraits I wanted to add a touch of personality. I completely understood the frustrations of the photographers who were interviewed – props are expensive, especially those of handmade quality. Now please DO NOT mis-understand me – I support all handmade artists and would fully encourage people to purchase handmade over mass production; however – as I stated from standing on both sides of the fences and working on a budget I had to be diligent and creative in how I went about expanding my prop collection. That is how Lil Bug Crochet & Knits came to be.

Back to this particular pattern. I have had no success in finding a free baby bonnet pattern that worked out the way it was supposed to so I turned to Etsy and discovered DoodleBooperz. Donna’s patterns are very fairly priced. The specific pattern I purchased was the Vintage Bonnet. It was an immediate download and came as .PDF file. The pattern itself is very clearly written in basic crochet terminology. She even included photos to give the crocheter an idea of what the project should look like. This pattern is so user-friendly and would work for any level of crochet. But, in particular I thought about beginners and how it feels to get past the scarf and granny squares. This would make a great project for a beginner.

In conclusion – I intend to make more bonnets of many varieties. I have posted this particular project within my Etsy shop.

Lil  Bug Crochet and Knits ~ Etsy Shop

Bonnett3 Newborn Baby Bonnet Crochet

I have also collected some FREE crochet baby bonnet patterns in case you find the immediate need to pull out yarn and a hook. Please feel free to leave your comments and if you should have a favorite pattern, share the link.

Vintage Inspired Bonnet – Hatting Madly Crochet

Vintage Bonnet Pixie Hat – Knot your Nana’s Crochet

Blackberry Salad Stripped Bonnet – Moogly Blog

Toot Sweet Newborn Bonnet – Moogly Blog

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